9 Smart Things That Lazy People Do

Smart things lazy people do

Some people (normally the ‘perfectionists’ of this world), often judge lazy people for they go about living life. This includes describing them as ‘sloths’ with low self-confidence, lack of self-esteem, a lack of positive recognition by others, etc. 

Lazy people often get a bad rap for doing nothing for this world, watching too much TV, playing video games, always travelling, working from home, etc. Well maybe they are just better prioritizing and maintaining a fine balance between their work and life tasks.

Maybe the perfectionists of this world are just jealous of how lazy people have time to live their lives to the fullest?! If you are constantly stressed, work overtime and have no time for your family or holidays you may want to take a leaf out of their book to live life smarter (not harder).

Anyway, here are 9 smart things that lazy people do:

1. They always find the easy path

Bill Gates said “I would choose a lazy person to do a hard job because they will find an easy way to do it.” There is nothing wrong with finding the easiest way to do a hard job!

Lazy people are good at trying to find the easy way to get things done.

2. They delegate to others

They surround themselves with experts and get them to do all their work. Delegating does not mean dumping work on people in a careless manner. They still need to choose the right people and be fully involved in decision making.

Lazy people delegate tasks to others and manage it accordingly.

3. They learn from others’ failures

They undertake research on past lessons learnt and seek help from others instead of figuring It out on their own, which saves them time. There is no point re-inventing the wheel.

Work smarter by learning from others failures and worrying about the things you can change.

4. They don’t overthink it

They don’t feel the need to be perfect or overthink it so they can hit the ground running and get started quickly on whatever that needs to be done. Check our simple tips to stop overthinking here.

Keeping life simple and not overthinking stuff is the key to living smarter (not harder).

5. They make work fun

They can make the most boring of tasks fun by taking lots of breaks, listening to music and involving their team mates. When I was managing a small testing team, I still remember how their communication and improved when I installed an indoor basketball hoop in our office.

Lazy people are good at making work fun, which in turn improves workplace productivity.

6. They are more relaxed

They are already conserving energy so they handle high-pressure tasks by working smarter (not harder) and getting it done in a relaxed manner.

Lazy people are more relaxed so they are better at dealing with high-pressure tasks.

7. They are efficient

They are able to focus on the 20% and take smart shortcuts that gets results to avoid any extra work. It’s all about good time management and being selective about what they do.

Conserve your energy, take smart shortcuts to achieve tasks and get stuff done the easy way.

8. They mind their own business.

They are just too lazy to poke their noses into other’s businesses which keeps life simple. They have more time to deal with other pressing issues.

Lazy are good at minding their business and keeping life simple.

9. They are more innovative

They have more time to think creatively and contribute to new ideas. There is a great opportunity to find innovative ways to live and work smarter post COVID-19 and the current lock-down situation. Its time to think outside the box!

Find innovative ways to live and work smarter post Covid-19 and current lock down period.

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