Best Play Ideas For Under Fives

COVID-19 self isolation parenting hack

Stuck indoors with kids under five? Live smarter and definitely not harder by keeping these five play ideas in your arsenal to keep on having fun even when you are stuck inside.

1. Fun in the bath

Do not under-estimate how much fun a bath is for a little person (heck even for an adult, baths are pretty cool). Make your bath play time more fun with  a toy boat or even a sea plane.  Don’t forget the bubbles! This keeps my children entertained for at least an hour and its bath time done as well.

2. Puzzles

These are super versatile, suited to all ages and abilities and educational! A winning idea! We have had one mid-difficulty puzzle  going each week. We do sections of it at a time, starting with the edges. 

Easy – these type of puzzles can be done with minimal involvement by you.

Mid-difficulty – these need you to be a little involved, maybe to make the edges.

Genus child – step out of the way and let them go or support them by working together on it.

3. Art stuff

This includes colouring in books, gel and colour pens, colour pencils and paper and cardboards. Craft up a storm making cards, writing letters, colouring in, drawing, the only limit is your imagination! We have been making cards and writing letters and stories. You can even make little story books.

4. Basketball set

Get physical and stay active. These can be kept indoors or if you have garden space, you can place it outdoors. We love having regular active breaks to energise us and get fresh air.

5. Lego

Of course Lego had to make an appearance on this list. In my family, this is actually number 1 on the list and occupies my kids for hours and then some, probably 5-6 hours a day at the moment. Lego is expensive, so if your budget is tight, go for 2nd hand. This stuff lasts forever! We also take a bag of mixed lego everywhere we go. Its amazing the things your child will build, from rocket ships, to boats to cities and towers.

So these are my top five play ideas for under fives that I can count on every day. I hope these are useful to you too. What are your ideas? Send me a comment. Most of all, I hope you enjoy your time with them! its such a fun age 🙂 

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